Friday, August 12, 2011

Movie » Emma Stone Drops By “Live with Regis and Kelly”

Emma Stone 1
Emma Stone

Kicking off another day of promotions, Emma Stone was spotted arriving at “Live with Regis and Kelly” in New York City this morning (August 11).

The “Easy A” actress was in the house to plug her new flick “The Help,” and she looked lovely in a minimalist grey dress with hot pink heels.

During a recent interview, Emma discussed the fact that many of her peers aren’t aware of the extent of racism as recently as the 1960s.

“I don't know if it's my generation or if it's just me, but I didn't know the levels, the depths, the intricacies – I didn't know on a day-to-day basis what life was like [then]. I learned a huge amount through the story and through researching the time period more, but I really hope for my generation that they will go see this movie, because I don't know that we know as much as we should about our very recent history.”

“It was an amazing experience across the board, life-wise,” she continued. “Telling a story that I was so proud to be a part of, getting to meet these women and getting to work with these women – It's really inspiring, and such a supportive environment being around all these women I was learning so much.”

Enjoy the pictures of Emma Stone paying a visit to "Live with Regis and Kelly" to promote "The Help" (August 11).

Emma Stone 2 
 Emma Stone
Emma Stone 3 
 Emma Stone
Emma Stone 4 
 Emma Stone
Emma Stone 5
Emma Stone

Photo Credit: INF Daily

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