Wednesday, August 17, 2011

News » Lindsay Lohan: Surfs Up!

Lindsay Lohan 
 Lindsay Lohan

Back on the west coast after a short trip to New York City, Lindsay Lohan continued forth with her newfound passion of riding the waves on Tuesday (August 16).

The "Mean Girls" starlet shuffled out of her Tinseltown abode as she loaded up her Cadillac Escalade with a few bags and her surfboard before speeding off to a Malibu beach locale

Once arrived at her destination, Lindsay emerged in a wetsuit as she hit the Pacific waters for a photoshoot session - during which she got up on one leg and one knee before heading back to shore for a cigarette break.

The surfin' excursion makes for the second day in a row in which LiLo has hit the ocean, as she tweeted the previous afternoon, "With @atsimourtos @glennnnutley @cat_schwartz my favorite people shooting with @richardphillips and @paufdenkamp! after surfing with #kassiameador"

Lohan first began learning the waterbound sport after her release from house arrest in July, as she was taught the basics of surfing at the Oakley Learn to Ride Surf event in Dana Point.

Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay Lohan at the beach and loading up her car on Tuesday (August 16).

Photo Credit: INF Daily,

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