Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heidi Klum Sings, Smokes, Strips in New Music Video - Celeb Music

Heidi Klum Sings, Smokes, Strips in New Music Video - Celeb Music
Heidi Klum Sings, Smokes, Strips in New Music Video

Model-turned television personality Heidi Klum is in that dreadful post-breakup phase in which one attempts to act harder and cooler than one actually is: She's filmed a music video. Also in music news, Lady Gaga inadvertently offended some of her Thai fans by tweeting about fake Rolexes, Trace Cyrus' head just got a little more crowded, Kanye West screened his new flick in Cannes, and more.

• Heidi Klum doesn't really seem the rock star type—she's the girl who dates rock stars. But now that she and Seal are dunzo, she's apparently ready to break into racy new territory just for kicks.

Klum stars in a new fashion film/music video for Hunger Magazine in which she cavorts about with a cigarette dripping from her hand and an irreverent look splashed across her face. There are also scenes of her getting tatted, as well as shots of her working a pole—albeit very tamely, and only in silhouette.

Klum's done far saucier work with the Victoria's Secret Angels, but there's something jarring about hearing her moan, "You're just what I want my hands on/ Slip into your skin beside you/ A fever deep inside, I can't stop/ I'm begging on my knees, just take me."

We can't watch: It's like witnessing the first throes of a post-Disney career rebellion.

• Lady Gaga probably wasn't thinking too hard when she tweeted, "I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex."

Obviously, some fans weren't thrilled that Gaga touched on some of the country's less attractive tourist attractions, but there was still a healthy crowd at the airport to greet the pop star upon her arrival.

Trace Cyrus has a busy head. (via Twitter)
• Trace Cyrus is running out of tattoo real estate, so he's doing everything he can to make room for more hackneyed roses and eagles.

• Remember LFO, the 3-piece boyband that rose to fame with the stream of softly-sung non sequiturs that was "Summer Girls"? Well, one of them now hangs around outside abortion clinics and prays for women to choose life.

• Kanye West projected his new short film Cruel Summer onto seven screens inside a tented pyramid in Cannes on Wednesday. The film follows a car thief, played by Kid Cudi, who falls in love with a blind Arabian princess. It apparently has a vibe similar to the long-running music video for "Runaway," which starred model Selita Ebanks as a phoenix.

• Ingrid Michaelson goes through the motions of being primped to pop star perfection in her new music video for "Blood Brothers." The KISS makeup looks hot.

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