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Katy Perry Jokes About Sexing Up Rihanna - Celeb Music

Katy Perry Jokes About Sexing Up Rihanna - Celeb Music
Singers Rihanna and Katy Perry in the audience at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on February 12, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

Katy Perry fields so many questions about pop colleague Rihanna she's given up on seriousness in favor of telling people what they want to hear: She wishes they were sexy-type friends! Also in music news, Madonna is courting controversy again, this time with a swastika, Elton John is worried about Lady Gaga's health, Kanye West hates your laser pointer, and more.

• Katy Perry gave her fankids the response they've all been dreaming of when asked whether she had any plans to collaborate with her BFF Rihanna, responding, "No, but we're gonna have sex."

The hilarious fantasy answer came during a rapid fire question-and-answer session with Wild 94.9's Nessa, who also asked if the goofy good girl knew how to twerk (kind of), whether she liked good boys or bad boys ("I like a good boy but sometimes I get bored"), and a bunch of questions about sex ("I don't have sex!").

• Meanwhile, Rihanna says she might have a slumber party with Adele.

• Nicki Minaj's conversation with Hot 97 was not nearly so bubbly and friendly, as one of the station's employees, Peter Rosenberg, dismissively called the rapper's latest hit single "bulls**t" before the station's Summer Jam crowd. This led Lil Wayne, the president of Young Money, to pull Minaj from the gig at the last minute, disappointing her fans.

Minaj, who demanded that her response be aired uncut and unedited, heatedly discussed her decision to cancel with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex. "Wayne gave me a very, very valuable lesson last night on knowing my worth. After that disrespect, I still was going on that stage. And you know what? Shame on me. Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson on self-worth."

Listen to the exchange if you will, but it's a lot less interesting than the discussion Minaj should be having with Peter Rosenberg...

• According to Rosenberg, Nicki's refusing to call in to his show.

Lady Gaga is "frail," so says Elton John. (Getty)
• Elton John says he's concerned about Lady Gaga, godmother to his son. In an interview with The Guardian, John remarked, "I look at Gaga and I think, 'How does she do it?' I talk to her mum and dad about it. They worry. She is frail, and she doesn't eat when she should do, and she's a girl, and it's tougher for a girl. She works really hard. She will be in Denmark one night and Saudi Arabia the next. I know how tiny she is and I do worry about her, yes."

Elton's always been one to tell it like it is: He told Rolling Stone not too long ago that former tourmate Billy Joel is an alcoholic who needs to go to rehab.

• Madonna's leaving the Catholic Church controversy to her alleged imitator Lady Gaga these days, as she's apparently moved on to swastikas.

The pop singer's new stage show features a video collage that includes an image of French politician Marine Le Pen with a swastika emblazoned on her head. Le Pen, a member of the extreme right wing National Front party, has threatened to sue Madonna should she include the image at any of her shows in France.

Le Pen is no stranger to controversy herself. Her father, Jean-Marie, was found guilty of condoning war crimes last year.

• Some poor fool decided to mess with Kanye West via laser pointer at a performance in Paris.

West stopped the intro to his hit "Flashing Lights" to tell an errant fan, "You see this guy right here with the laser? Don't f**k with everybody's show. This is not a f**king game. It's The Throne, we don't f**k around like that. You gonna get f**ked up and kicked out and all that shit. So chill the f**k out. Let's go."

• Janet Jackson will executive produce a new transgender documentary called TRUTH, RapFix reports. The singer explained, "I've been fortunate to make friends and learn about very different lives. TRUTH is our small chance to ask that you try and understand someone who lives their life in a way that is a little bit different from yours, even though all of our hearts are the same. We want to stop the hate and find understanding."

• Fourteen year old girls, you're welcome:

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