Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why it Works: Keira Knightley - Celeb Style

Why it Works: Keira Knightley - Celeb Style

Why it Works: Keira Knightley

Actress Keira Knightley and fiancé James Righton have only been together 15 months, but fly-by-night romances are hardly noteworthy where they live (in Famous Beautiful People Land). What's far more interesting is what said celebrities choose to wear when they're suddenly madly in love and out for a dinner at the Wolseley. In this case it's something that could only work on someone theatrical and waifish whose cheekbones could cut glass.

The Jacket: Knightley's cropped acidwash denim number is quickly becoming the new IT separate among the starlet set. It's retro-summery and hits precisely at her teensy tiny waist, which is handy as we may not have spotted it otherwise.

The Dress: What looks to be the sort of shapeless vintagey cut dress that captures your heart in its unique fabric, yet does nothing for the figure, has been rendered flattering thanks to a little cinch from a classic brown leather belt. But then there's the problem of that out-of-place brown in a sea of black. If only there were some sort of worn-in leather mailbag to tie it all togeth... oh Keira's stylist, you're way ahead of us.

The Shoes: Resort-style sandals with details befitting an Egyptian Queen: a chain strap here, a toe circlet there, no big. These elegant strappy wonders say: "I may live in a gritty city, but I will not live in fear of stepping in something unsavory on the way from the limo to the VIP section!"

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