Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cheryl Cole & Included in Los Angeles Car or truck Crash

Not possessing the finest of luck on the roadways, Cheryl Cole and were in a automobile bang-up in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening (August 29).

The Girls Aloud singer and her Black Eyed Peas pal were being reportedly on the way household immediately after working with each other at a recording studio when the unfortunate accessoire transpired.

With's Cadillac colliding into a parked car, the "I Gotta Emotion " hitmaker received treatment at Cedars-Sinai hospital following struggling from whiplash and a bloody nose.

In the meantime, Cheryl was taken treatment of at the scene, after which she messaged, "Don't fret me and @iamwill are good, assure x."

Also assuring lovers that you can fi nd almost nothing to fret about, Will tweeted, " Car accidents are not dope…I'm glad I'm o.k #wiplash."

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