Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lindsay Lohan: Partying at NYCs Dream Hotel

Beating the mid-week slump with some posh Big Apple action, Lindsay Lohan attended a party at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan last night (August 22).

The "Mean Girls" actress showed off her bellybutton piercing as she exited the shindig in a black cropped top while covering her face with her BlackBerry smartphone.

As for the claims that she was 'fleeing' to New York City to avoid being harassed by the police in connection with a house party burglary earlier this week, LiLo says nothing could be farther from the truth.

Lindsay tweeted, "All of this negative press is BS (bulls**t).... Whenever I'm doing great, people fabricate lies. It's such a shame. I'm just sayin'".

Pal Claus Hjelmbak told press, "The trip to New York City had been planned for a while and she will be having several work meetings and spending time with her family. There was no escaping anything. I had dinner with Lindsay, Dina and her brother Cody, on Monday night at the Viceroy Hotel and she is doing remarkably well and focused on work. There was no drinking at all at dinner and Lindsay is just very excited for the future. I won't make any more comments about Lindsay because I respect her privacy."

Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay Lohan leaving Dream Hotel (August 22).

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