Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music » Nicki Minaj Talks New Album

Nicki Minaj1 
 Nicki Minaj

Excited to get back into the studio, Nicki Minaj has big plans for her next album.

During a sit down on “Good Morning America” last week, the “Super Bass” singer told, "My best work is ahead of me, not behind me. Stay tuned."

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She added, "As soon as I get off this tour [which wraps this month], I'm headed to L.A. to work on this sophomore album and it's gonna be epic."

Careful not to say too much, Minaj said that the vibe will be decided by the one and only "Roman ... possibly. But I never give away all my secrets."

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  Nicki Minaj
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  Nicki Minaj
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  Nicki Minaj
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 Nicki Minaj

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