Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music » Pia Toscano's "This Time" Music Video: Watch Now!

Pia Toscano

Hoping to ignite a successful post-Idol career, Pia Toscano has dropped her debut music video.

The 22-year-old singer shows off her vocal prowess in the offering which features her first single "This Time".

Meanwhile, Pia also recently posted a web entry about her life after going deep into the past season of "American Idol".

She told, “I was just your average girl with a dream.. I decided to chase that dream with the support of my family."

Miss Toscano added, “My father took the day off of work and waited patiently in line with me and over 10,000 other people for the American Idol audition. My life has drastically changed in just a year. Never give up! Thank you American Idol for changing my life, and thank you mommy and daddy for believing in me :) August 3, 2010.. The day that changed my life."

Pia Toscano 1 
 Pia Toscano
Pia Toscano 2 
 Pia Toscano
Pia Toscano 3 
 Pia Toscano
Pia Toscano 4
Pia Toscano

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