Monday, September 3, 2012

Chris Pine's Action -Packed Labor Day Weekend Workday

Receiving prepared for his action -packed scenes, Chris Pine was seen driving around the New York Metropolis established of "Jack Ryan" on Saturday (September one ).

Sitting down atop a tricked out Ducati, the 32- yr - outdated actor pulled off the bad boy search donning denims and a black tee.

Also capturing scenes about the Labor Day weekend was co-star Kevin Costner.

At this time there is not substantially details concerning the plot, but in accordance to reviews it will have it's very own stand along storyline and will not be based mostly off of the Tom Clancy novel.

"Jack Ryan" is established to strike theaters on Christmas Day in 2013.

Get pleasure from the photogra phs of Chris Pine filming scenes for his up-coming movie 'Jack Ryan' in New York Area (September one ).

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