Monday, September 3, 2012

Michael Phelps Wins $100k in Vegas Poker Game

After cleaning up a record number of medals at the Olympics, Michael Phelps has extended his winning streak at the poker table.

According to TMZ, the retired gold medalist raked in $100k from a single poker game at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas this week.

A source reports that the 27-year-old athlete spent a chunk of it afterwards at Tryst nightclub in the Wynn.

Recently, Phelps came under fire for possible International Olympic Committee violations when photos for his Louis Vuitton ad campaign were leaked during the London Games. The IOC prohibits athletes from promoting non-official sponsors during a time period around the Games. Sanctions include s tripping medals won by the offenders.

However, Phelps' agent Peter Carlisle insists the leaks were not the fault of the swimmer. "He didn't violate Rule 40; it's as simple as that. All that matters is whether the athlete permitted that use. That's all he can control. In this case, Michael did not authorize that use. The images hadn't even been reviewed, much less approved. It's as simple as that. An athlete can't control unauthorized uses any more than you can guarantee someone isn't going to break into your house."

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