Monday, September 3, 2012

Gerard Butler's "Motor Area " Shut Down

Disappointing Gerard Butler lovers almost everywhere, creation on his upcoming movie "Motor Area " has been shut down ahead of even starting.

A spokesperson for the action flick tells Deadline, " Faced with the realities of a incredibly limited article - output routine and challenging visual and distinctive outcomes, the producers have made the decision to force back again generation on Albert Hughes' 'Motor Town.' The conditions bordering this job manufactured it not possible to meet the company March thirty first delivery date with out compromising the quality of the movie."

Filming was to start on September seventeenth, but the backers speedily recognized the time crunch. The film experienced been in pre- creation previo usly following learning that Warner Bros. release date would only let twelve months of submit - production.

Reportedly, the producers hope to even now go forward with the undertaking in the potential.

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